Suzuki V-Strom 1000 with ABS Agnellotreffen 2015



Some motorcycle events bring the wheels at high altitude, to live in the purest magic of nature, in an intimate relationship with the scent of romance. And ‘the case of the  Agnellotreffen 2015. Suzuki took part.


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The Suzuki V-STROM 1000 ABS was the star of ‘ Agnellotreffen 2015 . Suzuki did not want to miss the appointment of Pontechianale, providing the participants some specimens of  V-STROM 1000 ABS , to test their skills in an exciting and challenging.

This is the motorcycle rally highest in Europe . That staged in recent days was the second edition of the event, which confirmed the energy and the spirit of adventure of those who love motorcycles.




Agnellotreffen 2015: many participants and the right spirit

Great participation for the second edition of the meet Europe’s highest. Daytime and evening activities, test ride and a lot of satisfaction from participants

Agnellotreffen 2015 . It ended the second edition of this youth rally, born from an occasional meeting organized by a group of friends just after the holidays of Christmas 2013.  The idea was to break the fast motion imposed by the festivities , to approach all’Elefantentreffen and to be once again riding the most faithful companions.

During the day on Saturday are been organized demonstration of Motoairbag and drawing lots of test ride (scheduled for Saturday and Sunday) two Suzuki V-Strom 1000 provided by Suzuki Italy and equipped with two types of tires nailing (road and coaches) products from Best Grip power stud .

Just Sunday, taking advantage of the availability of Suzuki Italy, we got to test the installed studs on the tires of two Suzuki V-Strom 1000. The test started on the road linking Pontechianale Chianale, gave way to appreciate the behavior of the two bikes , equipped with the various riveted joints.


The first, with a riveting “light” called Granturismo , gives a better feeling with the bike, allowing a good grip on the descent into the fold on the asphalt clean guaranteed by the absence of a rivet in the outermost part of the tires. This characteristic indeed leads to an almost normal use of the bike when the road looks clean without giving up a minimum of grip on icy normally impassable. On these grounds it can in fact be achieved, with a minimum of skill areas connected by roads snowy or icy better.

It was, however, continue the test to impress . The second motion, with a heavy nailing called Street, has shown the potential that a riveting is able to offer . During the road test the bike remains stable and steerable, even comparing his behavior to the first production tested. Nailing major cause, however, a slight increase braking distance and a decrease in accuracy in the input curve, situations rimarcate from easy entry into operation of the ABS, aided by the use of knobby tires.

It is, however, leaving the road and coming clean on snowy and icy patches that fully appreciates the work done by Best Grip. Despite the mantle practically unworkable from a normal motorcycle, the V-Strom “spike” can move easily, conveying a feeling Grip continuous even where normally no rider would be encouraged to continue.

The braking force and acceleration require commands very sweet (possibly with the help of electronic controls) but they are sufficient to allow us to move with ease wherever groups of people are brought together to help motorists in difficulty with their bikes completely blocked by snow and ice .


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