Taking the V-Strom 1000’s off-road and testing out the new Conti TKC70 tyres.


Went for a ride down to Belanglo State Forest, which in down the Southern Highlands area of NSW, Australia.

We have been there previously on the 650’s, but this time decided to explore even more of the area. This was also the chance to take the 1000’s off road for the first time, as we had recently installed the new Continental TKC70 Dual Sport tyres and were really keen to see how these performed. These new tyres are a good middle of the range adventure tyre from Conti, sitting right in between the TKC80 knobbies, and the Trail Attack Street tyres.

To get to Belanglo we hit a mix of country back roads and highway riding, giving us a chance to scrub the new tyres in, and to also get a feel for them on the road. These are good, much better than the stock Battlewing tyres the bike comes with. The front seems to steer a little quicker, and the ride quality is better. On the highway at decent speeds, they stayed straight and were not upset by any road changes.


We entered the state forest onto hard packed gravel. We initially took it easy, as not only was it the first time here with the new tyres, but also the first time with the new 1000. We had previously taken the old 650’s on lots of off-road/dirt trails and the 650’s performed brilliantly. We had hopes that the new 1000’s would be the same. Well it didn’t take long for both fears to be put to rest. The new 1000’s are awesome on the dirt roads, the bike feels like the 650 improved! The ride was awesome, the suspension working even better. Also found that the 1000 was no more difficult to manage on the loose surfaces, if anything the lower centre of balance made the bike feel more solid, whereas sometimes the 650’s could feel a bit top heavy.On top of that, the new Conti tyres were brilliant. These TKC70 tyres did exactly as advertised, and gave a very sure footing to the bike. They gripped the loose stuff well, and always gave you traction.The front tyre goes where you point it, and even on full gas the rear refused to break traction and gave constant drive.

We did a mix of surfaces at the forest, from loose dirt, gravel, sand, to hard rocks and stones, and through it all both the tyres and the bikes were awesome!

Highly recommend the new TKC70 tyres to fellow V-Strom riders, or anyone on an adventure bike!




One Comment on “Taking the V-Strom 1000’s off-road and testing out the new Conti TKC70 tyres.

  1. Isn’t it time for an update on the tires now that you have been using the tires for some time.
    You used Kenda Big Block on the 650 – I guess that the grip outside the tarmac isn’t nowhere near as good with the TKC70..?

    Really like your blog by the way.

    Cheers Tonny – aka Don T on various forums 🙂

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