Comparison Trail: Honda Crossrunner VFR800X, Suzuki V-Strom 1000, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer


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Comparison Trail: Honda Crossrunner VFR800X, Suzuki V-Strom 1000, Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

Pepe Burgaleta Photos: Juan Sanz. Collaboration: Luis Lopez and Manolo Lopez | 05.19.2015



If there is a rapidly growing segment that is the road bikes converted to trail, or the trail that is as close as possible to the road. Motorcycles for all, as these three mid-displacement models, with power ratings of 100 hp, vying for the lead in this new revolution.

If anything, the crisis has taught us in recent years, is no need to look in the most extreme models to find everything you want. The bikes ultradeportivas , with the maximum power available, the latest technological solutions, and of course, a price in line with this, are in the doldrums. Level long ago surpassed the skills of the vast majority of potential users, and now, after a period in which the motorcycles that have defined these years as “polyvalent” “logical” or “economic”, have been imposed, we It comes a new generation , keeping these same values, affects an aspect that should never be forgotten when speaking of a motorcycle, emotion.

For most fans today are more than sufficient 100 hp and a performance that included a top speed exceeding 200 km / h. Mainly because experience dictates that on the street, rarely going to rush any of the two figures…..





Suzuki V-Strom: Feet on the ground

When Suzuki decided to relaunch its V-Strom larger displacement, it did not follow the prevailing norms in a trail segment was heading back toward gigantism, but this time, rather than by volume, with models increasingly of larger displacement and power . Suzuki wanted his trail was a bike for every day, with a great capacity for traveling, with a motor in which the torque and response were their main arguments, and decided to maintain the power of 100 hp , giving priority to practical concepts emotional.

The result is a perfect bike for those who want just that, because it is really well balanced in every way. The sensations are excellent engine, the chassis feels light, comfort is outstanding. What is the compensation? So basically it is also a bike that does not have to wait more nerve than you have. For a twin vibrations are very contained, at the end of the cylinder having an angle of 90 between them, and the engine is very balanced. The failure to seek large maximum performance, the engine has achieved not only have a very high torque at medium engine speeds, but the answer, along with frank, is soft in any position of the accelerator. No becomes the Honda, but to be a twin, which has other advantages, softness is also covered. Therefore you can long distances without any problem.


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